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Are you in search of roofing solutions that are sure to stand the test of time? If so, look no further than the roofing contractors at Black Anchor Roofing. From repairs to new installations and inspections, we offer the finest roofing services in Edgewater.

With our licensed and skilled contractors overseeing your roof work, you'll never have anything to worry about. We promise lasting results, affordability, around-the-clock availability, and more. Schedule a roofing consultation by calling (410) 205-9562 today.

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Restoring Edgewater Roofs with Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks can be a homeowner's worst nightmare, causing property damage and potentially leading to costly repairs if not addressed promptly. Our roofing contractors specialize in mitigating roof leak damage, patching up leaky spots, and more.

We understand that different types of roofs require unique approaches to tackle leaks effectively. Here's how we address leaks for each type of roof:

Asphalt Shingle Roof Leaks

Asphalt shingles are a common type of roofing on residential properties. When we encounter leaks in asphalt shingle roofs, our contractors start by thoroughly inspecting the roof to pinpoint the exact location and cause of the leak. This involves examining the shingles, flashing, and underlying structure. If damaged or missing shingles are the culprits, we carefully remove the affected shingles and replace them with new ones, ensuring a seamless match to the existing roof.

We'll then repair or replace damaged flashing around roof penetrations like:

  • Chimneys
  • Vents
  • Skylights
  • Gables
  • Windows

To ensure long-lasting protection, we seal any potential entry points, such as nail holes and roof valleys, with high-quality sealants to create a waterproof barrier.

Metal Roof Leaks

Metal roofs are renowned for their durability, but they can still develop leaks over time. Our experts carefully examine metal roofs to identify areas with visible damage or rust spots. Leaks often occur at seams or fasteners, so we inspect these areas and seal any gaps or holes using specialized sealants designed for metal roofs.

In cases of extensive corrosion, we may recommend applying a protective coating to extend the roof's lifespan and prevent future leaks. As with asphalt shingle roofs, we inspect and repair or replace flashing to ensure watertight seals around roof penetrations.

Flat Roof Leak Repair Services

Flat roofs are commonly found in commercial buildings and some residential properties. Repairing flat roof leaks requires specific expertise in handling damaged membranes. We assess the condition of the flat roof membrane, looking for punctures, tears, or blisters. Depending on the damage, we apply patches or sealants to repair small leaks. For more significant issues, we may need to replace sections of the membrane.

We'll also inspect and repair or replace flashing and ensure proper drainage to prevent ponding water, a common cause of flat roof leaks. After securing the flashing, we'll apply a reflective or protective coating that can enhance the roof's resilience against future leaks and weathering.

No matter the type of roof, our roofing contractors have the knowledge and experience to effectively address leaks and prevent further damage, ensuring your home or business remains dry and safe.

Full Suite of Roofing Services

When it comes to providing comprehensive and top-tier roofing services, there’s nothing our team is unequipped to provide. We repair leaks, replace shingles, install materials on new homes, and do every other service required to provide you with a top-quality roof. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you never have to look elsewhere for assistance.

Some of our most sought-after services include:

  • Roof repairs
  • Roof leak mitigation
  • New roof installations
  • Emergency roofing services
  • Roof inspections
  • Shingle replacement
  • …and more

We Provide Premium Roofing Work for Edgewater Residents

Black Anchor Roofing is Edgewater's premier roofing contractor. Since opening our doors, we've established a winning reputation as a trusted service provider, one known for speed, efficiency, and world-class workmanship. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or more, we have you covered with quality solutions at affordable prices.

To schedule a consultation, give us a call at (410) 205-9562 today. We can't wait to get started—and neither should you.

A Client-Focused Roofing Company

Positive customer experiences are vital to the success of any business. In the roofing industry, a bad experience can be especially costly, both in terms of finances and reputation. That's why we go above and beyond to make sure our customers have a positive and successful roofing experience every time.

We start by providing a free consultation to assess your roofing needs. We then provide a detailed proposal outlining the work that needs to be done and the associated costs. Once you've approved the proposal, we'll schedule a convenient time for our team to come out and complete the work.

Throughout the process, we keep you updated on our progress and answer any questions you may have. We also perform a final inspection to ensure that everything is up to your standards before we consider the job complete.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional roofing experience from start to finish, and we're proud to say that we achieve this goal on every job. If you're looking for a roofing contractor you can trust, look no further than Black Anchor Roofing.

Reliable Roofing with a Commitment to Quality and Safety

A quality roof is a key component to your home's overall safety and integrity, which is why we take our commitment to excellence so seriously. We only use the best materials available and employ experienced, certified professionals to install your roof. We also offer comprehensive warranties on our roofing, so you can be confident that your investment is protected.

Emergency Roof Repair

We know that when your roof needs repair, it can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing time. That's why we guarantee a positive and successful roofing experience, no matter when you need our services. Our team of experienced professionals will work quickly and efficiently to get your roof back in top condition, and we'll do everything we can to take the stress out of your situation.

We understand that your roof is a vital part of your home or business, and we'll treat it with the care and attention it deserves. Contact us 24/7 for a fast response!

Shingle Roofers

As the most common roofing material in North America, shingles are a reliable and affordable option for your home or business. That's why our team at Black Anchor Roofing offers comprehensive shingle roofing services to keep your property protected. From installation and repair to replacement and maintenance, we have you covered.

Single roofs require specific expertise to cost-effectively install, maintain, and repair. Our team specializes in providing shingle roofing services that meet the needs of local homeowners at competitive pricing levels that keep the value of their roofs intact.

From replacing damaged shingles to resolving issues with the underlayment, there's no shingle roofing issue we're unequipped to handle. If you're looking for robust and reliable shingle roofing services to keep your home in top-notch condition, look no further than our professional roofers.

Metal Roofers

Metal roofing has become increasingly popular due to its durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Metal roofs can last up to 50 years or more, require minimal maintenance, and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, and wind. Additionally, metal roofing is eco-friendly as it's often made from recycled materials and can be recycled again at the end of its life.

We offer a wide range of metal roofing options, including standing seam, corrugated, and metal shingles, to suit any style or budget. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to design and install a metal roof that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.

Metal Roofing Contractors at Your Service

Metal roofing systems are incredibly long-lasting, often outlasting other roofing materials by decades. They're resistant to rot, mildew, and pests and can withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy snowfall and high winds.

Metal roofs are reflective, helping to reduce heat absorption during hot weather and lowering cooling costs. They also provide excellent insulation in colder months, improving energy efficiency year-round. Here at Black Anchor Roofing, we specialize in these incredible roofing systems, so working with us ensures that your roofing system lives up to its reputation. We promise improved durability, added longevity, and more.

When you want roofing systems that come in an array of colors and styles, our metal roofing experts can help you. Metal roofs come in a wide range of colors, styles, and finishes, allowing property owners to customize their roofing to match their architectural preferences and boost curb appeal.

Metal Roof Repairs: Our Specialty

Our roofing experts are well-equipped to handle metal roof repairs of all sizes and complexities. Whether addressing leaks, repairing damaged panels, or fixing issues with flashing and fasteners, we ensure that your metal roof remains watertight and resilient. We use high-quality sealants, coatings, and materials designed specifically for metal roofing to deliver lasting repairs.

Leaking Roof Seams

Over time, seams in metal roofs can develop leaks. These can be caused by weathering, expansion and contraction, or faulty installation. Our experts meticulously inspect and reseal seams to ensure they're watertight.

Corrosion and Rust on Rooftops

Metal roofs are typically made from materials like steel or aluminum, which can corrode over time. We assess the extent of corrosion and rust, replacing affected panels or applying rust-inhibiting coatings.

Loose or Damaged Rooftop Fasteners

Loose or damaged fasteners can compromise the integrity of your metal roof. We check fasteners and replace any that are damaged or missing, ensuring your roof remains securely anchored.

Flashing Issues

Flashing is essential for preventing water infiltration around roof penetrations such as chimneys, vents, and skylights. Our team inspects and repairs or replaces flashing as needed to maintain a watertight seal.

Come to Us for Metal Roof Installations

When it comes to metal roof installations, our team excels in precision and attention to detail. We work closely with clients to select the ideal metal roofing material and style for their property. Our skilled professionals ensure that your installation is done with precision, providing a weather-tight and visually appealing roof that enhances your property's value.

While metal roofs are known for their low maintenance requirements, regular upkeep is essential to maximize their lifespan. Our maintenance services include:

Roofing Inspections

We conduct periodic inspections to identify and address potential issues before they escalate, preventing costly repairs.

Metal Roof Cleaning

Keeping your metal roof clean from debris and dirt helps maintain its reflective properties and visual appeal.

Roof Coating and Sealant Application

Applying protective coatings and sealants can extend the life of your metal roof and enhance its performance.

Flashing and Fastener Checks

We ensure that flashing and fasteners are secure and watertight, addressing any issues promptly.

Black Anchor Roofing Provides Affordable Roofing Construction

Put a roof over your head that will measure up to the highest industry and safety standards with our affordable roofing construction solutions. Here, we go above and beyond to source the quality roofing materials you expect from the industry's best and most reliable brands.

We're a dedicated group of hand-selected roof installation technicians with plenty of experience installing roofing materials and systems of all types, including:

  • Asphalt shingle roofs
  • Metal roofing
  • Flat roofs
  • Synthetic rubber roofing
  • White TPO rubber roofing
  • …and more

Work with a group of dependable roofing technicians dedicated to ensuring every safety measure is undertaken, reducing your liability, and ensuring your project moves forward as expected. Phone our professionals to discuss your goals and receive a risk-free estimate.

Our Roofers’ Commitment to Affordability

From leaks and missing shingles to structural damage caused by severe weather, a faulty roof can lead to costly repairs and potential interior damage. It's essential to address roofing problems promptly, but it’s also in your best interest to take the path that promises affordability and long-term cost-effectiveness.

If roofing problems can be a homeowner's worst nightmare, the right roofing services can be a dream come true. We strive to provide high-quality roofing services without breaking the bank. We deliver on that promise by offering the following:

Competitive Pricing

From labor costs to material prices, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our work. Our transparent pricing structure ensures you receive value for your money at every turn.

Energy Efficient Solutions

We provide energy-efficient roofing options that can reduce your utility bills over time. Our experts can recommend and install insulation and ventilation systems that optimize energy usage and enhance your home's overall efficiency. Be sure to inquire about opportunities for added efficiency during your consultation.

Maintenance Programs

Our roofing team offers tailored maintenance programs to prolong the lifespan of your roofing system. Regular inspections and proactive maintenance can identify and address minor issues before they escalate into costly problems. We’ll come to inspect and maintain your roof on a regular basis, tailored to your preferences and budget.

High-Quality Materials

We source top-of-the-line roofing materials from trusted suppliers within our very own community. These materials are durable, weather-resistant, and built to withstand the test of time, ensuring that your investment in a new roof pays off in the long run.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Our team consists of experienced and skilled roofing professionals who deliver exceptional workmanship. Here, we adhere to industry best practices and utilize advanced techniques to ensure the longevity and reliability of your rooftop.

Every affordable roofing assignment begins with an in-depth roofing consultation. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your concerns or roofing demands—we’re always happy to provide the service you need to feel confident in your new roof.

Choose a Reputable Roof Installer

Are you tired of waiting to hear back from other roof installation companies in the area? If so, we're glad you've found us. We promise we won't leave you hanging. When you have questions, our roof installers have the answers you need to make the most informed decisions.

Why not choose a solid team of heavily experienced roofing specialists to ensure your property is well-protected and your investment will last? Connect with us to talk through the details with a qualified local team dedicated to your success.

The Best Roofing Contractors

At Black Anchor Roofing, we are committed to excellence and have helped countless clients upgrade, repair, and maintain their roofs. We have a proven track record of quality work and experience working on various roofs. From inspections to installations, our team has the knowledge and resources to help your roof and exceed your expectations.

As licensed contractors, we bring expertise and an exceptional work ethic to every new project and work tirelessly to complete every job efficiently. When you hire our roofers, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Extensive consultations
  • Accurate price estimates
  • Top-quality contracting
  • Efficient project turnarounds
  • Thorough safety inspections
  • Friendly customer service
  • And more!

Roofing Contractor Services with Honest Pricing

When you partner with Black Anchor Roofing for roofing contracting, you receive honest work from a top-rated company. Over the years, we have worked hard to establish a reputation as one of Edgewater’s finest contractors, and through hard work and dedication to our customers, we’ve succeeded.

Before we begin our work, we provide our clients with honest price estimates to help them understand how their budget will be put to use. We also offer precise financial breakdowns that identify our material and labor costs. We try to keep our rates affordable, but we guarantee our customers will receive transparent financing information throughout our business relationship. We will not subject you to hidden fees and unexpected costs; we are an honest company that values our customers.

Contractors for All Roof Types

If you’re looking for accomplished roofing contractors who can work on all roof types, look no further than the experts at Black Anchor Roofing. Our team has extensive experience working on residential projects and has helped numerous clients extend the lifespan and security of their roofs. From repairing storm damage to updating ventilation, we have the know-how to keep your roof in top condition, no matter the type or material.

We’re confident working with the following roofs:

  • Metal roofs
  • Shingle roofs
  • Asphalt roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • White membrane TPO roofing
  • EPDM roofing
  • And many more!

Service-Oriented Roofing Contractors

When you hire the friendly roofing contractors at Black Anchor Roofing, you’ll be treated fairly and receive top-quality customer service. Our approach to roofing is service-oriented, which means we work hard to satisfy our customers and go above and beyond for them. We are communicative, honest, and committed to our work.

From your first consultation until our work is complete, your voice will be heard, and your needs will be attended to. We’re one of the top roofing services available and will work hard to live up to our reputation.

Durable Contracting from Local Roofers

When you need roofing contracting that lasts, contact the team at Black Anchor Roofing. As a locally owned and operated company, we are accountable to our customers and prioritize their needs. We complete maintenance, repairs, and installations that stand the test of time and pride ourselves on the reliability of our service and the durability of our contracting.

We’re confident we’ll be able to satisfy your needs, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Fast-Responding Roof Repair Contractors

When roof leaks and other problems plague your home, you'll need quick-responding roof repair contractors who have what it takes to locate the root of the problem and solve it fast. We bring a wealth of training and inspection experience to the table, arriving with a full arsenal of advanced tools and roofing repair components to speed things up and prevent water and other issues from affecting your home.

Some of the most common roof-related issues we've repaired for local homeowners have recently included:

  • Damaged or missing flashing
  • Broken, damaged, or missing shingles
  • Ponding water on the roof
  • Water leaks
  • Ventilation problems
  • Storm damage
  • …and much more!

As your roof is your primary defense against moisture and the sun's ultraviolet rays, it pays to choose a licensed professional to shore up your roof and ensure it will last for many more years.

Call us to learn more about what our affordable services can do to keep your property well-protected.

Home of the Best Roofing Estimates in Edgewater

In roofing, if the quote you’re given sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That said, getting the value and top quality you derive is still possible without paying more. When you reach out to us to discuss your next roofing project, we're committed to giving you the best roofing estimates. By keeping our estimation and quoting systems as transparent as possible, we can give you an honest idea of what it will take to complete your project and guarantee that there will be no hidden fees.

Getting a dependable quote will make planning easier and add an extra layer of protection to your budget. Phone our experts to learn more about what makes working with us so enjoyable for many local property owners.

Comprehensive Roof Inspections

We provide comprehensive inspection services to ensure quality results for our clients. Through meticulous quality control, we check for all possible signs of damage, whether cosmetic or structural. Using the latest tools and techniques, we provide up-to-date diagnostics to give you the most thorough roof assessment available. Our years of experience allow us to streamline the inspection process, making it quick and easy for you to know how your roof's performing.

As a client of Black Anchor Roofing, you can expect:

  • Fast turnarounds
  • On-time service
  • Courteous staff
  • Extended warranties
  • Competitive quotes
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Speedy Roof Repairs

We offer fast and effective repairs for all types of roofing problems. From leaks to mold growth, we fix a complete range of problems with speed and efficiency. As a skilled repair contractor, we develop cost-effective solutions that help our clients save time and money on their roofing.

We can help with:

  • Leaky roofs
  • Dark or wet spots
  • Mold growth
  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Structural repairs
  • Poor insulation
  • Weather damage
  • ...and more

If you've noticed a problem with your roof, entrust the job to us to get it done right. It may be tempting to leave these issues unresolved, especially because of the cost. But the longer these issues linger, the longer your family home or commercial property is at risk. With reasonable prices and a team of highly skilled roofers, Black Anchor Roofing won’t let you down. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or to request a no-obligation quote.

Best-in-Class New Roof Construction

New roofing's done fast and built to last when you choose Black Anchor Roofing. We combine time-honored artisanship with the latest building methods to give you the roof you want while staying within your budget. By working smart, we're able to drive down costs while meeting the highest industry standards, giving you the best in quality, convenience, and affordability.

We are a full-service roofer, meaning we have all the tools and equipment to build any roof quickly and correctly. From residential roofs to commercial roofs, we have services that tick all the boxes.

A Wide Range of Styles

Whether you're looking for a rustic look for your home or a sturdy flat roof for your commercial space, Black Anchor Roofing is here to provide you with the best in roof materials. Our company offers a wide selection of roofing materials, all sourced from top-quality providers. A new roof doesn't only add curb appeal, it also adds a substantial amount of property value.

Some of the roofing materials we work with include:

  • White Membrane Roofing
  • Shingle Roofing
  • EPDM Roofing
  • Metal Roofs
  • And more!

Take your roof to another level with our team of experienced roofers. Contact us today!

Roofing Services and More!

The team at Black Anchor Roofing is the premium provider of all things roofing in the Edgewater area. That's why we offer not only roof repairs and installation services, but our experienced roof contractors can also service your gutters and siding. New gutters and siding don't just add curb appeal and property value, but they help keep your structure secure.

We offer services like:

  • Gutter replacement
  • Gutter repair
  • Professional siding installation
  • And more!

These extra services make our team the gold standard of roofing companies in the Edgewater area. Contact us online or by phone at (410) 205-9562 for further inquiries.

Professional Roofers

Finding the perfect roofer for you can be challenging. We all want someone reliable, punctual, and highly skilled. A roofer that understands customer service and offers all the above is hard to find. Which is why the Edgewater community should look no further than Black Anchor Roofing for all their roofing needs.

Our staff is up to date on all the latest roofing technologies, and they put customers first. Whether it's roofing repairs, roof installation, or any other services we offer - you can count on our team to deliver only the best. With competitive rates and quality product, our competent contractors make us the ideal choice for all your roofing needs.

Client satisfaction is one of our many values, which is why you should choose our team for your next roofing project.

The Best Among Edgewater Roofing Companies

There are so many roofing companies, so why chose us? We offer local expertise that other large service providers just don't have. Our team of experts understands the Northeastern climate and know just how much wear and tear our stormy winters can cause. Our communities experience extreme temperatures in every season, which is why a sturdy roof and proper roof repairs are essential.

Our roofing experts can make prudent decisions and recommendations based on the local climate, so that you don't pay for something that won't last the winter. Our contractors are also Edgewater residents who care about the community, and we want to keep our neighbors safe. That's why you should trust Black Anchor Roofing for your roof repairs and installation.

Preventative Roof Maintenance

Save Time, Money, and Stress

Roof maintenance is an essential part of being a property owner. Fortunately, our team is here to make it a whole lot easier.

We develop personalized solutions to help you save time and money on your roof maintenance needs. Thanks to our comprehensive inspection process, we're able to detect not only the most pressing of problems, but also underlying ones that may be hampering your roof in the long run. We work with you find a solution that enhances your roof, optimizing its performance while protecting it from future problems. If you want your roof to perform better and last longer, look no further than our maintenance services.

Roofing That Is Made to Last

We want all of our customers to be able to depend on their roof for many years after we provide our services, which is something we use to guide our entire approach to our work. Everything from our materials to our tools and techniques has been carefully considered to provide optimal results. We guarantee that all of our roofing repairs and construction will be a worthwhile investment in your property.

Everyday Roofing Services

Our local roofing contractors are available every day of the week, so you can count on us to accommodate your schedule. No matter when it makes sense for you to have us come to your property, you can rest assured that we will be there on time and ready to work. This also means that our roofing repairs will always be conducted in a quick time frame, so you never have to worry about having to live with a damaged roof.

The Rates You Want on Roofing

We take pride in being one of the area’s most affordable roofing companies. When you want to maximize your roofing budget without making any compromises, then we are a great resource. Our fair prices and superior results have earned us the trust of many local property owners, and we hope to count you among them once you see what we have to offer.

Get a Free Estimate

Our confidence in our pricing means that we have no problem offering no-obligation estimates to our potential clients. If you are interested in our services but want to double-check that they fit into your finances, don’t hesitate to contact us for all the information you need.

Roofers with a Commitment to Their Customers

We believe that our work speaks for itself, but we also work hard to back it up with top-notch customer service. We promise to give you our full attention throughout the entire process, so you can always find answers to the questions and concerns that you have. Our dedication to our customer experience will be obvious from the moment you contact us, so call today to take advantage of our services.

Streamline Your Roofing Project

Every aspect of our business is designed for maximum efficiency and accommodation of our customers. We want all of our services to be a hassle-free experience for everyone that needs our help. Our seasoned roofing contractors know how to keep a roofing project moving smoothly, which is exactly what we will bring to your job.

See What We Can Do with Your Roofing Project

The best way to get a feel for what our roofers can do for you is by checking out our gallery. Here you will find many photos from our past projects, which we believe highlight our impressive capabilities. We bring the same dedication to every job that we accept, so you can anticipate the same high-quality work that you see in our gallery.

Get inspired by viewing our gallery and then give us a call to get things moving for your project.

Reliable Roofing Contractors

All residential and commercial building owners will hire a roofing contractor at some point during property ownership. Whether they need emergency maintenance and repairs, gutter services, or a new roof installed, all property owners have one common need: a reliable roofer. When Edgewater residents encounter this need, they turn to Black Anchor Roofing. We’re known for reliability, but that’s not all we provide.

When you need a reliable roofing contractor, Black Anchor Roofing is here for you. For years, our crew has been helping home and business owners survey, diagnose, and find solutions to their roof issues, and we look forward to helping you as well. If you've noticed missing shingles, warping in your roof, or a sudden leak in the attic, don't wait for the problem to escalate. Get in touch with our expert roofing contractors for reliable, effective, and affordable service.

Seamless Roof Repair

Roof repairs don't need to be stressful and time-consuming—nor should you end up with shoddy handiwork. When Black Anchor Roofing is your roofing contractor, you’ll never need to worry about unsightly patches on your roof that display obvious signs of previous damage. With us, your roof repairs will go unnoticed, and your property value will remain intact with a perfectly intact roof.  

Our contracting crew boasts years of experience, and we’re fully equipped with the necessary materials and equipment to ensure you receive seamless roofing repairs that won't stand out. What's more, our seamless repairs never compromise the quality of the roof but rather enhance it.

We have one goal in mind: to restore your roof to its pre-damage condition, and we’ll accomplish this by providing you with seamless and efficient roofing repair service.

Roofing Maintenance Done Right

No matter how high-quality your roofing system is and how well it was installed, all roofs require maintenance to preserve their durability and quality. Without regular maintenance and inspection, even the best roofing system can become damaged because of unnoticed issues.

Black Anchor Roofing is happy to handle your routine roof maintenance, so you don't need to. We’ll make sure your roofing system lasts as long as intended. If we detect any minor issues or damages during routine maintenance, we’ll repair them before they get bigger.

Maintaining the quality of your roof is as easy as calling us at (410) 205-9562. Get in touch for more information.

Conveniently Scheduled Roof Inspections

If you suspect issues with your roof, we recommend inspecting it immediately to prevent the problem from worsening. Black Anchor Roofing offers a roofing inspection service where we examine the potential problem area and quickly review the rest of the roof. We’re flexible with bookings, so you can easily find time in your busy schedule to schedule us for the inspection.


We understand how busy you are, and finding time to schedule an inspection isn't always easy. If you need to leave your property while we're there, that won't be a problem. We’ll wait for you to return to discuss our findings and proposed solution. We’ll do everything necessary to accommodate your needs and bring you speedy solutions.

Preserve Your Roof With Our Service

Constant exposure to the elements takes its toll on your roof, making damage and premature wear and tear a common occurrence. Whether you've observed missing or loose shingles, scattered granules, or leaky/clogged gutters, there's no question your roof needs to be inspected. When you partner with Black Anchor Roofing, we will conduct the necessary repairs and follow-up maintenance to prevent your roof from deteriorating further.

Once you contact us, we'll promptly schedule an assessment. We will dispatch a team of roofers to thoroughly and meticulously identify any visible or underlying issues that require attention. Once they've pinpointed the problem, they will begin the repair process so you can have peace of mind that your roof will no longer pose a risk to the integrity of your building.

Professional Annual Roof Inspections

Has it been a while since your roof received a thorough inspection? Our team is here to help get your roof-care schedule back on track. With our comprehensive service, a pair of roofers will assess the overall health of your roof, identify any issues, and create a service plan to tackle any problematic areas. Our inspections aim to minimize risks, repair damage, and extend its lifespan.

Since the general rule of thumb is to perform routine maintenance on your roof twice annually, our roofers will take time to discuss putting a plan into place with you. We want to ensure your roof gets the regular attention needed to safeguard your home or commercial building's integrity.

Contact Black Anchor Roofing today to schedule your annual inspection for the better of you and all other occupants.

Meet Our Friendly, Competent Roofers

Edgewater residents look to one company when they need roofing service from the cream of the crop roofers: Black Anchor Roofing. Our team stands out from the rest as each roofer has extensive experience and undergoes rigorous training to meet our high standards of workmanship and safety.

But it goes a step further than that. We value our clients' needs, so ensure every member of our team is friendly and accommodating. Our top priority is delivering exceptional customer service and complete satisfaction with every job we undertake. So don't waste your investment on a crew that will give you the cold shoulder. Choose our crew for friendly service that always ends with a smile.

Roofers That Specialize in Gutters

Many components go into making a roof structurally sound, including the gutter system. If your gutters are clogged or leaking, we recommend getting them inspected and repaired immediately. At Black Anchor Roofing, we take pride in offering gutter service in our comprehensive roofing packages. Whether you need minor repairs or need your gutters replaced, we're dedicated to providing aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting additions to your building. Our customized packages tackle both roofing and gutter issues all in a day's work so you can stop worrying about a leaky exterior.

As a one-stop shop for your roofing needs, we're the easy choice for any gutter job—big or small. Call to receive a service quote.

Edgewater's Leading Local Roofing Contractor

Get in Touch Today

For fast service and top-quality results, we're the company you can count on. Countless property owners depend on us as their go-to roofing company. They loved our staff, service, and commitment to only the best in roofing. They've all appreciated our skill and expertise. Now you can too.

Discover the quality of our work for yourself. Contact us to book a consultation today.