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Both commercial and residential roofs should be inspected regularly to evaluate all roof component and to plan for routine roof maintenance. The cost of roof inspection, which includes minor roof repairs, offers significant savings when compared to the cost of complete restoration. Black Anchor Roofing provides certified roof inspection services from a licensed roof inspector qualified to make recommendations for emergency roof repairs when necessary.

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What to Expect During a Roof Inspection?

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During a roof inspection, licensed Black Anchor Roofing roof inspectors follow a specific step by step process to carry out a complete assessment of the integrity of your roofing system that usually begins with a visual check from the ground and proceeds to a meticulous inspection of shingles, fascia, soffit, drains, gutters, vents and flashing. Our experienced roofing technicians check for and signs of moisture damage apparent in ceiling cracks, deformed and stained walls on the interior, and buckling and curling shingles, and the state of the existing installation including the condition of nails and adhesives. Roof vents are also carefully checked for damage and possible blockages from debris. Black Anchor Roofing roof inspectors are highly experienced with evaluating a range of roofing materials from asphalt shingles to cedar roofs and everything in between and make qualified recommendations for emergency roof repairs when necessary. Schedule a gutter cleaning at the same time as your roof inspection and benefit from increased savings. Contact a Black Anchor Roofing representative for more information.

Is a Professional Roof Inspection Necessary?

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Roofing experts and building contractors recommend checking a roof during the fall and spring months to evaluate its condition and whether it can stand up to seasonal weather fluctuations that include high winds and accompanying flying debris as well as heavy hail and rainstorms. Potential leaks that are not yet visible to the eye can lead to moisture and mold that develops and grows beneath the surface of walls and in the attic of your home or business and that contribute to a range of health and respiratory problems. Many homeowners, insurance companies and lenders require a roof inspection prior to purchasing a home and insurance. Black Anchor Roofing provides detailed written reports of all findings when assessing the condition of commercial or residential roofing appropriate for a range of business transactions that also offer property owners peace of mind.

Keep Your Home Safer with Expert Roof Inspection

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Not only does receiving expert roof inspection services save you money in the long run, but it also helps keep you and your family safe. Roof inspections can identify problem areas that will likely be exacerbated by severe weather, resulting in the need for massive repairs. Even minor issues like loose shingles can lead to more significant problems if neglected, which can jeopardize the structural integrity and safety of your home.

Our roofers detect common issues by inspecting the following aspects of your roof:

  • Roof slopes, ventilation, and water drainage
  • Masonry joints
  • Roofing insulation and interior
  • Areas of water infiltration and spillage
  • Soffit and fascia
  • Roof flashing
  • Roof exterior and shingling
  • …and many more!

Inspections help keep you safe by providing you with the detailed information you need to better understand the overall health of your roof and be prepared for the unexpected. Contact our team today for the solutions you need to maintain your roof’s value and get the most from your structure.

Cost of a Roof Inspection

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Although Black Anchor Roofing applies a standard rate to a typical roof maintenance inspection, costs may vary if repairs are also required. Our licensed inspectors will never perform any services without a providing you with a detailed estimate for any roof repairs. If major repairs are required, Black Anchor Roofing will provide you with a range of roofing solutions and options that may help to save the cost of complete restoration whenever possible.

Transparent and Honest Roof Inspection

During our roof inspections, we provide you with unbiased information and are completely transparent throughout the process. Whether we find a significant issue that demands immediate attention or there are merely superficial changes that you can address over time, we’ll provide you with our objective and professional opinion on your roof’s condition.

To ensure you’re getting our honest opinion, we also offer detailed written reports for all our clients. You’ll have access to our inspection and decision-making processes in these reports. We offer our clients these reports to provide them with peace of mind and encourage transparency.

An Experienced Roofing Contractor

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A well-maintained roof is paramount to the structural integrity of any home or business. Protect your investment and the safety of your property with professional roof inspection services from an independent roofing company. Our team’s years of industry experience have made us one of the leading roofing companies in the region. When you work with us, you’re working with a quality team that puts you first. We’ve witnessed and fixed a wide range of roofing issues, so we’re confident that we can accurately identify any problems with your roof and provide you with the appropriate solutions.

Communicative and Reliable Customer Service from Our Roofers

At Black Anchor Roofing, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. From the moment you book a consultation with us to when we complete our inspection and provide our recommendations, your time will be respected, and you’ll be treated professionally.

Our industry expertise hasn’t only helped us hone our skills and deliver excellent roofing inspection services, but it has also taught us the value of building respectful, honest relationships with our clientele. We’ll provide regular communications throughout our inspection process and deliver detailed, written reports of our findings to help you better understand and act on our results.  

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